A generic functional programming language (theory, design, implementation, and application)
(supported by the DFG, August 2005 – July 2007)

Grant proposal (in German)
Ralf Hinze, Andres Löh "Scrap Your Boilerplate" Revolutions, accepted at MPC 2006
Andres Löh, Ralf Hinze Open data types and open functions, draft paper
Stefan Holdermans, Johan Jeuring, Andres Löh, Alexey Rodriguez Generic views on data types, accepted at MPC 2006
Alexey Rodriguez, Johan Jeuring, Andres Löh, Type Inference for Generic Haskell
Ralf Hinze, Andres Löh, Bruno Oliveira, "Scrap Your Boilerplate" Reloaded, accepted at FLOPS 2006
Ralf Hinze, Johan Jeuring, Andres Löh, Typed Contracts for Functional Programming, accepted at FLOPS 2006
Ralf Hinze is organizing a workshop on Generic Programming affiliated with ICFP 2006 in Portland, Oregon
Ralf Hinze and Johan Jeuring are lecturers at the Spring School on Datatype-Generic Programming in Nottingham, April 2006 (in collaboration with Andres Löh)
Project members
Ralf Hinze, Universität Bonn
Andres Löh, Universität Bonn
Johan Jeuring, Universiteit Utrecht
Bruno Oliveira, Oxford University Computing Laboratory

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Andres Löh, 20.03.2006