Type Inference for Generic Haskell
Alexey Rodriguez, Johan Jeuring, and Andres Löh

The more expressive a type system, the more type information has to be provided in a program. Having to provide a type is sometimes a pain, but lacking expressivity is often even worse. There is a continuous struggle between expressivity and (type-)verbosity. However, even very expressive type systems allow type inference for parts of a program. Generic Haskell is an extension of Haskell that supports defining generic functions. Generic Haskell assumes that the type of a generic function is explicitly specified. This is often no problem, but sometimes it is rather painful to have to specify a type – in particular for generic functions with many dependencies – and sometimes the specified type can be generalized. In this paper, we identify three type inference problems specific to generic functions, and present (partial) solutions to each of them.

Technical Report
Prototype implementation

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Andres Löh, 12.12.2005