NixOS: A Purely Functional Linux Distribution
Eelco Dolstra, Andres Löh

Existing package and system configuration management tools suffer from an imperative model, where system administration actions such as upgrading packages or changes to system configuration files are stateful: they destructively update the state of the system. This leads to many problems, such as the inability to roll back changes easily, to run multiple versions of a package side-by-side, to reproduce a configuration deterministically on another machine, or to reliably upgrade a system.

In this paper we show that we can overcome these problems by moving to a purely functional system configuration model. This means that all static parts of a system (such as software packages, configuration files and system startup scripts) are built by pure functions and are immutable, stored in a way analogously to a heap in a purely function language.

We have implemented this model in NixOS, a non-trivial Linux distribution that uses the Nix package manager to build the entire system configuration from a purely functional specification.

Paper, ICFP 2008
Nix homepage
NixOS homepage

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Andres Löh, 2009-06-03